Enhancing Your Home

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Home Improvement


Thinking about selling your home?

Wondering what to do to make your home more appealing?

 With the interest rates rising and home affordability becoming a bit more difficult for some, sellers might think about sprucing up a bit to make the home more desirable to buyers looking. 


Here are a few  home improvements to consider

 The addition of under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen adds a glow and can act as a night light as well.  This illuminates the countertops so make sure to keep those decluttered.  

 A pot filler in the kitchen is an updated touch that not many homes have.  This added feature is not only helpful to the homeowner but practical in many ways as well.  

 Double vanity sinks in the bathroom are a great improvement if you have the room.  Couples love to have their own space when getting ready and double vanities to provide that personal area to spread out and make their own.

 Fireplaces in the home add such a cozy feel on a chilly evening in Anacortes, WA.  Even if they are not lit, the presence of one seems to make it feel a bit homier and reminds the buyer of warm fall evenings by the fire sipping a glass of wine or a warm cup of tea.


A Few More Ideas To Prepare Your Home for Sale:

  1. Clean and declutter. 
  2. Add usable square footage. 
  3. Make your home more energy-efficient. 
  4. Spruce it up with fresh paint.
  5. Work on your curb appeal. 
  6. Upgrade your exterior doors. 
  7. Give your kitchen an updated look. 
  8. Stage your home

Something to Keep in Mind

 All of these improvements will make your home stand out a bit from the next one and can add value to your home as well when it comes to pricing.  Just be careful not to over-improve thinking those additions will give you your money back.  Just keep in mind what the house down the road might now have that your does and highlight that!

If you have any questions about preparing your home to sell or are looking to buy, contact us today! We can help.  We, at The Groesbeck Group, have a wealth of knowledge and are ready to share it with you.



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