Fall for Fall Boating

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As Labor Day approaches the days to become slightly shorter and the cool night air takes on a crispness that 
tends to push people inside as soon as the sun sets. There is a steady stream of boats heading south almost 
as if they are a flock of birds looking for a winter haven. There is no reason that Labor Day should signal the 
end of the boating season!

For some, the start of the school year does signal a change of lifestyle and many boaters do need to put the 
boat away for the winter before school athletics and activities consume free time. However, if you don’t have 
to end your boating vacation for such activities, why not enjoy what could arguably be the best time of year for 

Those that continue their boating season through fall unanimously claim that the absence of tourist traffic 
creates a totally different experience. Locals have time to visit and reservations are rarely needed either for 
moorage, restaurants or at a golf course. Other boaters in the marina share a passion for the time to enjoy 
nature along with the look and feel of boating as it was 30 years ago.

In Campbell River, the average high temperature is 68.2° in June and 67.1° in September. The average mean 
temperature is 59.8° in June and 58.3° in September. The average low is 52.2° in June and 50.4° in 
September. Most people guess a more significant difference in temperature between these two months. There 
is almost no difference and wind. And the best part is that when you return home there won’t be long lines at 
the Customs dock or at the locks.
For Roche Harbor, both months have an average high temperature of 66°,

an average low of 47°, and average rainfall is 1.4 inches in June in 1.34 inches in September, so September is dryer!

Although it is always smart to pay attention to whether the fog is not as much of an issue as it was before the 
advanced technology and navigation tools that boaters use today. It is wise to start the radar before you leave 
the dock any time you will be boating, and experienced boaters, like experienced pilots, know that redundant 
systems are always wise.

Days are a little shorter in September so there is more time to relax under a blanket read a book or visit 
with your fellow boaters. Although the temperature might be the same as in June, the colorful leaves encourage 
one to wrap hands around the morning cup of coffee or tea as the sunrise burns off any morning mist.

Almost everyone raves about the peaceful anchorage in September and even October. It was not uncommon 
years ago to be the only boat, or one of only a few boats, and Desolation Sound. If you think those days are 
gone, just stay out on your boat after Labor Day and you will experience boating as it was 30 years ago.

If you had been boating for a long time and miss the way it used to be, or if you are new to boating and have 
not experienced solitude in the most popular places, a wonderful adventure awaits you. Extend your boating 
season and witness a completely different environment full of new sites and experiences sans Homo Sapiens.

Written by Jean Groesbeck- THE GROESBECK GROUP/Compass

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