Organizing your home with an online garage sale

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Moving can be a big feat. Whether you are moving around the block or to a new town, you will need to pack up everything you own, load it up, haul it to a new home and unpack it once again. One of the best ways to make this process a little easier is to get rid of any unwanted items that may have accumulated in your home prior to listing your home for sale. When you have figured out what you no longer use, you can often make some money by selling these items online. Reselling used items is a great way to generate income that you can put toward movers, a down payment on a new home or landscaping for your new front yard!

Reselling Used Goods Online
Not only is moving a great chance for a fresh start in your next home, but it is also a great time to purge your belongings of things you do not use any more. Selling these items at a traditional garage sale in your front yard can take a lot of planning – gathering the items, tagging and deciding on prices, posting signs around the neighborhood, advertising in newspapers, and then spending your weekend organizing and haggling prices. These days, it is much easier to resell used goods online. Think of it as an online garage sale!

Places to sell used goods online
There are a lot of places to sell used goods online today. Some sites are better than others for certain items. For instance, you might choose to sell furniture on Craigslist or Facebook Market Place, as this is generally where people look for larger items or sporting goods. You can sell higher value items, collectibles or antiques on sites such as eBay or Etsy, as these are common places to find memorabilia or vintage items. Clothing can be sold on websites such as Poshmark or ThredUp.

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Additionally, check for local social media groups that focus on reselling. Here in Anacortes, we have groups such as Anacortes Buy, Sell, Trade on Facebook, where people post items they have to give away or sell, and other residents can claim them. On these types of sites, it is up to you to arrange pick up and price with the buyer, but there are always people looking for good deals on necessary items for your home.

How to sell used goods online
Have you chosen your platform and you feel ready to sell your goods online? Great! Now is the time to start the process of selling your used goods online to prepare for your move. Here are the basic steps for reselling goods online.

The beauty of an online garage sale is that you do not need to gather all your unwanted belongings at once. Instead, you can post them online as soon as you decide to get rid of them. The biggest planning involved is choosing which items you want to sell. Pull these items out separately in your home so you can begin to prepare the next steps.

Search online to learn prices of comparable items. Remember: if you do not want to lug that item to your next home, it may worth selling at any price. But if you are still attached to it or know it has value, you can set the price a little higher. Do a little research to see what similar items are going for online and think about what you paid for the item originally. Deduct cost for wear-and-tear or if a lot of time has gone by since you purchased the item.

Just like with selling your home, photos are extremely important when selling your stuff online. A quality photo will draw attention to your item over similar items. Take a brightly lit photo of your item with a clean background. If your item has details, provide additional close-up photos of these key details. In addition, providing a well-written description can help search engines find your item when people are shopping specifically for that type of item. If you have a piece of furniture, specify the color, size, fabric and even the maker, if you have that information. The more details, the better!  

Shipping and Delivery
Do not forget to factor in shipping or delivery costs. If the item is staying in Skagit County, you may be able to arrange a time for the buyer to come pick up their goods. If the item needs to be shipped out of your area, you can add a flat shipping fee to the price or allow buyers to compute and pay for shipping costs.

Are you interested in selling your home? Wherever you are in the process, the team at the Grosebeck Group can help. Contact our team today to get the process started. Whether you are just wondering what color to paint or you are ready to move soon, our team can help you prepare to list and sell your home.

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