Preparing Yourself and Your Dog For an Emergency

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How To Prepare Yourself and Your Dog For An Emergency or Evacuation

If you have dogs at home and there is a disaster, leaving them behind is out of the question.  Many of us have never been in an emergency situation that requires evacuation and for those of us who have, it is an uncommon occurrence.  We should all still be prepared so that we will be ready to make the necessary next steps in desperate cases.

We can do many things to improve the chances of making it out alive with our pets.

The best time to plan for a disaster is when things are calm and there is no need to rush or threats looming.  


Plan Ahead

Know your dog’s hiding places, so that when it’s time to move quickly, you will know where to find them.

Have them microchipped and keep the information up to date. 

Train them to ride in cars and to be calm n a crate for easy transportation during an evacuation.

Locate boarding facilities and hotels that allow pets near you in case of evacuation.


Pack A Travel Bag

Much like people do when planning for a quick trip to the hospital when a baby arrives, it is wise to have a travel bag ready with all the essentials your dog might need.  Having a bag pack will save you time and ensure you have everything you need if you have to rush out of the house.  


Items to include in the travel bag are:

  • Microchip information
  • Photo of you and your dog
  • Proof of ownership (if you have it)
  • Owner’s contact information
  • Collar with ID, tags, leash, and harness
  • Appropriate-sized crate or carrier
  • Blankets, toys, and towels
  • Food and water to last several days and bowls


We love our dogs and want to have the peace of mind that we are prepared in any situation to care for them.  During a disaster, our minds can get clouded by all the commotion.  No one thinks it will happen to them and then it does. Follow these tips and it will help ease some of the fear and feel a little more in control if disaster hits.