Tip to Make Any Room Look Bigger to Sell Your Home

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As you prepare to sell your home, you want to make sure you are showing off its best assets. If your home is on the smaller side, you may look for ways to make the rooms look bigger. This can help prospective home buyers see the potential in your home and become more interested in buying. If your home or rooms look small, there are a few tips and tricks to stage any room in your home to make it look bigger, which can help your home sell.

Tips to make rooms in your home look bigger and attract more home buyers

-          Remove clutter - One of the main ways to make any room look bigger is to get rid of any clutter, experts say. This will help open up the existing space.

-          Clean everything – Clean the entire room, from the ceilings to the switch plates. This will create a neutral space that buyers can imagine themselves living in, and potential buyers won’t concentrate on the little details that they might otherwise be drawn to if they were dirty.

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-          Add greenery – A beautiful and easy way to make the room feel bigger is to bring a little bit of the outside indoors. This can include touches of greenery, fresh flowers or other touches of nature.

-          Remove personal touches – This can include family signs, photos or albums. These items might make the house feel like it still belongs to you and may prevent the potential buyers from picturing themselves in the home.

Tips by room
Design and staging experts have different advice based on the room you are staging. These tips can help your home look more inviting and encourage prospective buyers to invest more time looking at your home.

Living Room
Your living room might be one of the biggest selling points in your home. One tip home staging experts recommend is standing in the doorway of the living room and observing where your eye goes first. The goal is to have your eye drawn to the furthest corner of the room to make the room seem larger. If the room seems small, add a lamp or piece of art to a far wall, drawing the eye across the room. When looking at the room, check out the size and location of the furniture. Oversized furniture may take up too much of the room, where scaling back to smaller furniture will help open up the space.
Additionally, leave window coverings open to let in more natural light.

Dining Room
Remove extra leaves from the dining room table and extra chairs from the dining room. Also, do not worry about setting the table, as this adds additional clutter and can make the home feel too staged. Remove extra items from a China cabinet or other display areas to avoid overcrowding.
If there is a rug on the floor, remove it. Even though this is cozy, removing it can create the illusion of more floor space.

open kitchen

The kitchen is often considered the heart of your home, so if you are considering investing anywhere in your home, this is the best spot. Update outdated hardware, paint cabinets and clean the area to give it a more modern feel. If a kitchen is spotless, buyers will focus more on the possibilities of the space and not how small or outdated it feels.
Remove appliances such as coffee makers, toasters and blenders from the counter, and decorate simply, such as a cookbook or a bowl filled with fruit of a single color.

The number one rule is to not have a television set in the bedroom, especially the master bedroom. This room should have a soft, welcoming, relaxing feel, and a television can add clutter or distraction to a room. Neutral colored walls and bedclothes can help the room appear larger by not overwhelming the eye.
Ensure signs of every day life, such as hair brushes, laundry baskets and clothes, are put away. Seeing extra stuff left out might imply to home buyers that you do not have enough closet or storage space.

Pull back shower curtains to maximize the view of the tub – people are going to look here anyway! Choose a light-colored shower curtain to make the room appear brighter.
Clean off all counters, buy leave out some light-colored soap or candles, and include some fresh flowers or greenery. Remove area rugs and toilet seat covers, and ensure all lights are working to make the room seem light and bright.

Tips for selling your home
Are you ready to sell your home, but wondering the best way to stage it to get buyers interested? The team at the Grosebeck Group can help. Contact our team today to get the process started, or for additional advice on staging your home to attract potential buyers.