The Breadfarm at Bow, WA

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The BreadFarm in Bow, Wa, is a must-stop place to go if you are in the Skagit Valley area.  They are open daily from 8 am- 4 pm and offer curbside, call-in orders, as well as walk-in shopping.  They even have gift cards so you can pass on a warm, hand-made treat to friends, family, new neighbors, and work colleagues alike.


The Breadfarm doesn’t only sell bread.  They sell pastries and cookies too!  


Their website is updated daily at 7 am so you know what is available and what has sold out.  Our favorite, here at THE GROESBECK GROUP, is the Black-Olive-Mezza-Ciabatta loaf!  It’s very similar to the Black Olive Baquette they make and you have probably had it in other bakeries as well.  


If you are hungry and looking for lunch ideas for the week ahead or even a scrumptious dinner, The BreadFarm’s website will walk you through a delicious map of baked goods.  If you are unsure about what the bread type is or what the cookie/pastry tastes like, click on the photo and there is a very detailed description for you.


Giving back to the Skagit Community is what they are all about.  Not only do they feed us, the shoppers, but they also promote a program called “Adopt-a-Loaf” that delivers loaves of bread to the local food banks and food pantries.  This is a wonderful way to give back to people in need and share the love of local, nourishing artisan bread.  Check out their website for more info on their  “Adopt-a-Loaf” program.


The Breadfarm at Bow

5766 Cains Court Bow, Wa 98232

(360) 766-4065